Unhealthy Nails & For The Love of Nail Salons

Both men and women are doing their best to keep their nails clean and healthy. Me, for instance, love to go to a nail salon – preferably nail salons in Jacksonville, FL, to give my nails some extra TLC. Nails are not just there for looks; they can also tell a lot about your health. They can also be the key to the detection of serious diseases before it is too late.

Make sure you regularly review your nails to detect any changes, and if you see something you should take it very seriously because it can be a warning sign of some sort of health-related problems. Here are some red flags you should watch out for:


Discolored nails

Healthy nails are usually pinkish in color. When the nails have a paler color, or develop discolored patches, it may be a warning signal on a particular health problem that you might not be aware.

Greenish color: Signs of a bacterial infection.

Red streaks in the nail bed: This could be a sign of a heart valve infection.

Blue or purple color: Signs of low blood oxygen levels.

Pale color: Signs of vitamin deficiency or anemia.

White color: Signs of liver problems .

Thick Nails

Although thick nails seems stronger but an excessive thickening may not be normal. When they have a claw-like appearance, thick and difficult to cut, it can be a warning sign of some medical conditions.

○ If nails were normal and begins to thicken, it may be an indication of some kind of pulmonary problems.

○ If the nails not only thickens but also gets rough, it is a clear sign of a fungal infection.

○ If your nails are thick and breaks off, you suffer from thyroid problems or psoriasis.

○ An unusual thickening of the nail can also be a sign of circulation problems.

Brittle nails

Nails that are brittle can definitely be a result of biting them, or you have used them against something hard which caused them to crack. However, this is not always the case. It can sometimes be an indication of a health problem.

○ Cracked nails may be a sign of lack of folic acid, vitamin C or protein.

○ They can reveal inadequate nutritional intake or potentially anemia.

○ If the nails crack and also has holes on it, it may be a sign that you suffer from psoriasis.

Spoon-shaped nails

Concave nails or “spoon nails“, is a very clear indication of some internal health problems. This type of nail is easy to identify because it instead of their usual outer curve grows with an inner curve. This may be a sign of any of the following:

○ Anemia
○ A liver disease called hemochromatosis, which occurs when the body absorbs too much iron.
○ Heart problem
○ Hypothyroidism

Peeling nails

The many layers of keratin that forms nails gives them their shiny look on the surface. When the surface of the nail begins to flake , it is often because it has taken a beating by external factors .

○ This may be a result of exposure to a hot, cold, or dry conditions.

○ It may be a reaction to certain chemicals found in some soaps or detergents.